Glasgow Carling Academy
Submitted: 12th February 2004
Reviewer: Bobby

And so it was, just like they said it would be! Before last night i was a Damien Rice virgin, now whenever he comes back to scotland i will be there. The whole set-up was really intimate, with videos playing on the sheet behind, that was something special. Becasue i had never been befoer i wasnt sure what to expect i had to go by what people had told me. Everysong was stunning, when arrogant people were not talking and shouting at damine "play cannonball" Was disapointed he didnt play Cheers Darlin as its my favourite song but i didnt give a fuck. vyviennes Seven Nation Army cover was utterly amazing and funny, with the whole crwod clapping away to the rhtym. Damien finished it off with a stunnign cover of the legendery Jeff Buckleys Halleluah. For anyone other Damien Rice virgins out there i say " find out when hes palying near you and buy a ticket" and to us experinced lot i say " be patient".