Submitted: James Drain

We were all expecting Lisa to come on BEFORE Damien, as the MC announced, time and time again... however, after Bell X, Damien came on and Lisa was nowhere to be seen. We're all concerned. After popping up half way through Delicate (thank god), she's escaped the nerves to perform for us later. She's also been spotted watching every other act from the wings. In her serenity, she is really enjoying every artist that's come to perform for us. Would like to know if she and Paul Noonan have ever been an item... or if they well may be one soon.. She *really* liked his set.

I can't begin to pretend that I am a fan of Jazz, old and new but the delivery of this style thankfully offsets my apprehension. She's more than comfortable now and is delivering her usual reserved stage presence.

At the start of the set she says that she should have got changed from the previous performance and someone calls out that she looks great. "Thanks Mom" is her very quiet reply; she doesn't need to bellow out to us – we all maintain our calm obedience for the remaining 40 or so mins.

There's also a solo face off between Tomo and her pianist. Instead of two guitarists heading off it’s Drums vs Piano – something I’ve never seen before, for a song I believe is called “There will never be another you”.

After “Drop Some Sugar” she is joined by Paul Noonan, for a moving reprise of “Love Hurts”… there’s a long pause before the crowd applaud. We simply don’t want it to end.

Worth noting here that normally other artists are reserved in their applause as I view them in the wings, but for every one of Lisa’s songs people are grinning like fans and clapping like the rest of us – Lisa has touched as all.