johnnygoody     []
'melancholic, modest, but nevertheless convincing.'
SOMA     []
'SOMA - we play the music because we are the music'
Michael Hutchinson     []
'Alt acoustic sings about Girls, Guitars and God'
Absynthe Minded     []
'Wonderful mix of rock and jazz and so much more!'
Venec     []
'german rock band with folk, punk, blues influences'
Michael Hargan     []
johnny     []
'Music washes away from the soul the dust of life'
Julie Feeney     []
'Original acoustic songs with beautiful textures.'
Abbo     []
'Nu-folk blues from Abbo and his band'
Mobrown     []
'Bluesy, quirky, original and loud'
Sally & The Groove Force     []
'Electro accoustic folk pop with a touch of country'
Ady Thornhill     []
'unique emotive vocals, raw and inspired'
Jenny McCormick     []
'A folk influenced singer songwriter from Manchester.'
Mick Stewart     []
'Mick has beautiful melodies and lyrics'
The Weakerthans     []
'...purely Canadian acoustic folk with a twist of emo'
Pete Murray     []
'can not be missed, great artist!'
Dan F-M     []
'A unique canadian singer/songwriter.'
Luke Sital-Singh     []
'young singer/songwriter from london'
mat tanner     []
'a man, a guitar, some great songs.'
Sach     []
'colourful solo artist - guitarist from neara.'
Downliners     []
'folky mellow indy punky british band'
Nick Fugedi     []
'Soft acoustic guitar and a beautiful voice. A MUST HEAR'
skagen     []
'as ominous as Jeff Buckley, as Hypnotic as Bright Eyes'
Rendezvous / Union Street     []
'female led melodic folk pop'
Leerone     []
'Leerone is fueled with a voice-and-piano approach '
Frezno falls     []
'Pop/Rock from the Netherlands'
Out of the Gray     []
'A mix of acoustic rock and vocal harmonies.'
ashen     []
'not all similar to damo......varied'
DarkRedBusker     []
'Prolific Songwriter/Performer - Take a look!'
Chalkdust     []
'chalkdust are keyboard pop. listen and enjoy. please.'
KSA     []
'KSA consists of two Emotionally sound brothers!!'
Paul Jeans     []
'Northumberland, UKīs finest export'
andromeda skies     []
'Andromeda skies write desperate pop-folk songs.'
Firewater     []
'A whole new genre!'
'DEPOPROVERA play a kind of alt/experimental rock.'
The Hyperfuse     []
'Very young band to be doing electronic rock noises.'
Glen Roberts     []
'New young singer sonwriter with damien rice influences'
The Ghosties     []
'Catchy, melodic and fresh scottish band'
tonelust     []
'It´s a realy good band try it u have nothing to lose....'
JonJamesHall     []
'Nice mellow acoustic stuff'
Jape     []
'Up and Coming Dublin Bank, some fantastic guitar playin'
Drift     []
'A band with a hybrid sound, mixing jazz-pop.'
Nathan Kaye     []
'Acoustic Roots, Conscious Lyrics & Slide-Didge Beats'
Jung Jaeil     []
'He`s an Artist.'
Jesse Beck     []
'Singer/songwriter based in iowa city, IA.'
mark kozelek (red house painters, sun kil moon)     []
'Laid back, folky, comforting, etc.'
Stu Murphy     []
'Amazing voice, soulful self written tracks, SUPERB!'
Matt Distad     []
'Great song/songwriter with some punk/rock influences'
Racingpaperplanes     []
'Swedish/American band on Tract records/Realease music. '
Bjornstigen     []
'American folk rock - from Sweden!'
Barney Ashworth     []
'Barney is a fantastic new musical talent.'
Little mystic     []
'Dutch folkrock'
Sam Cutting     []
'Melancholic songwriter, expressive voice, EP out now'
Candlelands     []
'Acoustic troubadour, dark and spacious'
Josh McCauley     []
'21 y/o singer songwriter in athens GA'
Brandon Steep     []
'A refreshing new sound'
Missy Higgins     []
'Aussie Singer/Songwriter - simply sensational'
Todd McLaughlin     []
'Introspective & confessional indie/folk'
Wire Jesus     []
'etherel beauty that simply makes you want to cry'
Replenish     []
'Three piece high energy passionate rock!!!'
Freeslave     []
'rock with passion and tender bits'
Nightlive     []
'A Dutch band with roots in Ireland'
CosmopolitanBeatSociety     []
'check the baracuda song'
Feeling Left Out     []
'This is an acoustic-rock band from NJ!'
Pacific     []
'Alt. Indie Acoustic Rock from Manchester, England'
Neal Byrne     []
'Dubliner Neal Byrne bristles with sincerity and conviction!'
Eskimo     []
'Awesome song writing partnership turns into a band.'
Neara     []
'Heartful band playing styles of funk/punk/rock/metal.'
WALTS     []
'We are a group of classic guitar players all under 18.'
Levi Seitz     []
'Levi Seitz and his cousin Noah Seitz.'
WinSpan     []
'Classic 60s style rock.'
a.armada     []
'An indie rock trio.'
People in the Bassment     []
'NorthWest 4 piece with fat grooves and sweet vocals.'
JiNX     []
'Young Belgian band, performing English and Dutch songs!'
KT Tunstall     []
'Inventive and charismatic Scottish singer/songwriter.'
mick stewart     []
'Beautifully melodic singer songwriter worth a listen'
Anne Garner     [Anne Garner]
'Singer/songwriter, dynamic vocals and piano.'
Jamie McDonald     [Jamie McDonald]
'Soulful, raw, mellifluous, funky, eclectic, uplifting. '
[ edise orchestra ]     []
'Like the sound of a breeze in the trees ...'
Gabriel Young     []
'Gabriel Young are an acoustic duo from Athens, Ga. USA'
Signify     []
'A mixture of melodic rock with a taste of '
mick stewart     []
'A singer songwriter '
skuba     []
'Seal clubbing the humane way?'
Small Blue Planet     []
'Albums on sale from mellow Scottish musician.'
Wonderful Johnson     []
'This American band is definately on the up.'
Precho     []
'A trio of guitar, piano and buckets with 3 part harmony'
Carus     []
'Heīs an awesome performer.'
LiC      []
'Commited to making music beautiful, simple or difficult.'
Mimosa     []
'Just the two of us.'
the elements     []
'Acoustic rock lyric based band from portsmouth.'
High Vinyl     []
'Quite a bit smaller than Jesus.'
James Riggall     []
'James writes songs from the heart to break the heart'
Venus in flames     []
'Great melodies!'
the mandy band     []
'Named after a woman we dont know... lovely mandy.'
The Freefall     []
'Simple, catchy, acoustic songs about love and losing '
A Fine Line     []
'Just plain good acoustic music.'
Breaking the Silence     []
'We are rock at its best! only 16/17 give it a listen!'
...andthensome     []
'Promote Light Rock in the youth'
The Secret Life Of Bears     []
'A folk-pop band from rural Cheshire.'
Hayden     []
'A blend of Neil Young & Leonard Cohen. Amazing.'
Broken     []
'Soaring vocals and guitars from Leicester'
Emma Dunlop     []
'She writes her own stuff n plays D Rice n S McLachlan.'
Emma-Lee     []
'A girl from Toronto with a hypnotizing voice.'
Give     []
'Give is about trying to live Without Expectations...'
'Pop rock.'
madams     []
'Madams is a singer-songwriter with a sigur ros twist!'
Tracksuit Ambassador     []
'Ninja Indie.'
Alexandra Scott     []
'The cool younger sister of Gillian Welch & Gwen Stefani.'
Richard Martin     []
'Its all about to get very big for him and his band.'
my second surprise     []
'A bitter sweet journey through the paths of melancholy.'
Pedestrian     []
'Acoustic or hard guitar music, with a talented singer.'
The Chris Simmons Band     []
'Molodic acoustic songsmith.'
Novastar     []
'Wonderful songwriter! Great voice!'
The go find     []
'An excellent mix of accoustic pop music and electronica'
cozi     []
'Only 2 albums 4 life. damien rice and Athlete.'
Mark Rooney     []
'Real music, real lyrics from a real person.'
Daylight     []
'Rock n roll with a heart all the way from... Leicester!'
Boo Hewerdine     []
'Fantastic songwriter.'
The Fray     []
'Dual guitars and harmonies mixing rock with folk.'
THE HEAT     []
'Dynamic original folk rock duo.'
Michael Hargan     []
'New Singer/Songwriter Sensation from Glasgow '
Paul Ibberson     []
'Fresh new music'
Zena     []
'Zena is a singer/songwriter with a melodic sound. '
Sapphielīs Fall     []
'Female-fronted electro indie-folk fusion! '
The Stranded Circus     []
'That was honest, intense and from the heart'
Sharky     []
'Brighton based band Sharky - great songwriter!'
mark hodgkiss     []
'Mark hodgkiss supporting damien rice,gig of the century'
Misses Murphy     []
'Smoother than a Guiness on a cold winter night'
Wee Alex     []
'Acoustic duo rooted in folk but very much contemporary.'
Emma Forman     []
'Aberdeen based singer songwriter'
Baby karma     []
'Baby Karma is an Aberdeen based pop rock project '
No second troy     []
'As if Remy Zero and Ben Folds crashed a Coldplay party.'
Glasschild     []
'Brilliant female fronted band,beautiful, songs.'
Todd Hoover     []
'Music thatīs meant to affect people.'
Gabriels Groove     []
'Folk Jam soul rock based around a singer/songwriter.'
brazilian contemporary classic music     []
'The new contemporary classic music made in the world.'
Scott     []
'Nice music by nice people.'
Mo´Butta     []
'Awesome, funky with a hint of rice'
Don Palmacci     []
'Heart on your sleeve, lyrics & an intense live set'
Ro Tierney     []
'24 year singer/songwriter from Dublin'
MadreOceano     []
'Eleven songs written & recorded on the bathtub.'
Doubled     []
'Acoustic blend of folk, rock, and pop'
Adam Flaherty     []
'Adam is an an enthusiastic, unique singer/songwriter '
Optic     []
'At last a band with some decent tunes!'
Kevin Molloy     []
'Singer-songwriter trying luck out in London & Midlands.'
alison david     []
'Moving heart music.'
Rod Thomas     []
'Welsh singer/songwriter playing upbeat folk/indie music.'
The Bentleys     []
'A Beatles inspired 60īs indie rock worth a listen to!!!'
Gustavo Cerati     []
'A sound burst and intelligent-fantastic lyrics.'
Rasputina     []
'This is an all girl cello band with a magnificent sound'
Limousine     []
'Melloncolic soul with heavy distortion.'
Areacheck     []
'Epic-indie rock band from the south of england.'
Silvan     []
'The music of Silvan? Feeling!'
David Robert Bridge     []
'A murky singer/songwriter, fueled by concept.'
Wire Daisies     []
'We are currently on tour. I think you'll like us'
Cole NeSmith Band     []
'I love to make music.'
Earlyyear     []
'Metropolitan life mixed with the balm of Brisolian cool.'
Emily Coates     []
'Songs full of depth from this Kildare singer/songwriter.'
Donna Petrie     []
'A young singer/songwriter, inspired by music.'
Pablo Picker     []
'Singer/songwriter from Boston, MA (USA)'
Clare Blackma     []
'Modern folk with the voice of an angel.'
JP Sung     []
'An intensely intimate brew of alt-acoustic-soul.'
The Cycle     []
'Emotional melancholy indie roc.'
Jacob Zachary     []
'I want to hear good art and let others appreciate mine.'
The Weepies     []
'With Deb Talan and Steve Tannen writing, singing and a-playin.'
Zero 7     []
'Alluring sounds.'
The Rodents     []
'Good Solid Rock Music'
Ego     []
'Bows down to Va'
Eldest Son     []
'He hopes the world will understand his story.'
Rob Alan     []
'Acoustic, in the vein of Buckley, Gray, Simon.'
Areacheck     []
'Lead vocalist of indie band areacheck.'
The Two of Us     []
'An intimate, acoustic singer/songwriter duo.'
Mr Smileface     []
'Mr Smileface r an energetic trio bound 2 get u gripped'
Madisen     []
'Heart Breaking Folk Rock from Canada'
Chris Derrick     []
'Beautiful folky-plus songs with moving delivery.'
The Panacea     []
'This stuff is harder but Time is an ex. of our acoustic'
Ani Difranco     []
'(Probably) the best singer/songwriter in the world'
Sound Addiction     []
'6 months together and a CD came out of it!'
Adem     []
'They are amazing.'
Matthew Ayres     []
'A penchant for beatlesque melodies, heartbreaking lyric.'
Erik Nelson     []
'A passionate songwriter with his own style and message.'
Laura Meyer     []
'Meyer is a singer-songwriter with an intimate live show.'
Urusen     []
'A litmus test for superb music for years to come.'
Ben Blance     []
'Songs as powerful as the sea flowing with pure emotion.'
Ian Middleton     []
'His debut solo album (Four) kicks, accomplished stuff.'
Fuzzylogic     []
'Fresh, inspired with unexpected twists.'
Dispatch     []
'Trivocal-funkcoustic-instrument-swap-groove band.'
Adam Stewart     []
'Heartfelt unique acoustic music.'
Martha Tilston     []
'Supported Damien Rice.'
Garron Frith     []
'Check this guy out.'
Janah     []
'Sitar, Bamboo flutes, Celtic chanters, and traditional instrumentation.'
Alone     []
'Synths, drum loops odd sounds and guitars.'
Boy with no name     []
'Modern acoustic music, wonderful voice, and great tunes.'
The Alaskan Pipeline     []
'Five piece band who write laid back acoustic music.'
Malaki Kort     []
'Lush choruses, intricate melodies, punk overtones, and slick guitar solos.'
MilOW     []
'Fresh melodies and colorful characters.'
Brendan Dwyer     []
'A combination of raw power with heartfelt emotion.'
Joshua     []
'Alternative folk which paints a picture with his words.'
The Veils     []
'Lyrics and Vocals as emotionally draining as Damiens.'
The Keep     []
'Newcastle based original indie rock band.'
VelcroSoul     []
'3 Fun loving northern criminals.'
The Catherine OHalloran Band     []
'Lush harmonies, sparse rhythms and emotive lyrics.'
Mike and Chris     []
'Damien influenced young guys trying to make music they love.'
Trevor Hensley     []
'Sharing my experiences and feelings with the audience.'
Blue Chevron     []
''Youthful, melodic and imaginitive songwriting.'
Justin Thorne     []
'Songs filled with passion, aggression and/or sadness.'
Fallout     []
'HC/Thrash - more on our website.'
The Lightyears     []
'Soaring pop melodies and spine-tingling harmonies.'
The Music Gardens     []
'Glasgow born Songwriter, Guitarist & Composer.'
Scope     []
'"Legends in the making!! Utter briliance, a master class.'
Sugarwood     []
'Check out our poem!'
Ezio     []
'Who likes good music?'
Rickard     []
'Sad, lonely, small.'
Erland Cooper     []
'33 songs written on the road in Spain.'
Throwback     []
'An acoustic fusion of rock, folk harmonies and hip hop.'
Kirk Smith     []
'A spark of genius in this remarkable and original new work.'
Pete Lawrence     []
'A mix of Acoustic Folk/Poetry/Rock Your Panties Off.'
Rufio Mercutio Pistachio Adaqio     []
'Neurotic paranoid 21st century android.'
JRB     []
'Well orchestrated arrangements of flute, violin, & vox.'
Blue Nation     []
'Indie / mod band with orig. material and vocal harmony.'
The Senses     []
'We encompass a miasma of soundscapes & heartfelt music.'
Blackdice     []
'A young group funking the folk scene up in the South!'
Ben Sellon     []
'Seattle based singer/songwriter: heartfelt and soulful.'
DK Sunshine     []
'DK Sunshine combines sounds from all over the world.'
Aim     []
'Fine emo rock from italy.'
Shes Not Dead     []
'A band with a drive to move people.'
Porcelain     []
'Melodic, transic rock.'
David Gow     []
'A singer with a guitar and a messed up head.'
Kevin Dyer     []
'Mellow urban songs and bittersweet stories.'
Paul Rader     []
'He brings attitude and passion to his acoustic music.'
Brando     []
'The beatles meets david bowie, meets galaxie 500.'
ukmotel     []
'An upcoming band from surrey.'
primeaudiosoup     []
'A four piece band located in the south of England.'
Appleyard     []
'Dynamic and melodic acoustic rock at its best.'
Moon Face     []
'Mostly folk but with dark rock elements.'
M-80     []
'Exponents of atmospheric acoustic indie crescendo.'
Sam Semple     []
'A passionate and inventive songwriter.'
Chris Ford     []
'Chris Fords debut album "This Atlantic Low" is starting to cause a stir.'
The Fingerprints     []
'Fusion of many elements of different types of music.'
'They would be worth the bus fare into town.'
OLAS & JINDER     []
'Acoustic duo signed to Frontside Records.'
Paul Wilkes     []
'Infects you like a tropical form of flu.'
Dan Mangan     []
'Powerful lyrics, addictive guitar melodies and raw emotion.'
Hawken Hill     []
'Male and female Club/Dance Duo.'
The Gasoline Allstars     []
'The recordings are warm, flowing, spontaneous.'
Guitarian     []
'Like music. Cover a lot of music.'
Levin     []
'A soft rock/acoustic/funky style.'
Crumbs     []
'lternative, introspective and deep.'
Rich Lowenberg     []
'A Toronto singer-songwriter with soft vocals.'
Snoovy     []
'Three piece folk band from Toronto.'
Quiet Mind     []
'Inspired and influenced by Damien, Jeff Buckley and others.'
Ian Parker Band     []
'The most important thing for Ian now is to get the song across.'
Daniel Jones     []
'Intelligent melodic rock music.'
Leaph     []
'Up and comming new band signed to IMM.'
Stuart Blance     []
'Stuarts music is gentle, calm and relaxing.'
The Kings Mistake     []
'Intelligent melodic rock music.'
Hermingita     []
'Acoustic madman with something to say.'
Monde     [BBC Unsigned Voting]
'In the lyric and vocal department is reminiscent of Springsteen.'
Treehouse 3     []
'The band deliver with with credible class.'
Seneka     []
'Three piece Edinburgh based band.'
Simeon Ross     []
'Canadian singer-song writer.'
Sam Hutchinson     []
'A unique outlook on life.'
Blue Body Parts     []
'Changing the sound of Classical music.'
Teresa Gabriel     []
'Music is divine. Music is beauty.'
Saving Dawn     []
'Rich harmonies with fluid guitars.'
Rob Wright     []
'Percussion-driven acoustic pop.'
Sound Sanctuary     []
'A new batch of semi acoustic tracks.'
The Desert Graves     []
'They play some kind of dark Rocknroll.'
Elmo     []
'Elmo create lush, lo-fi music.'
Polar Official     []
'Dublin based band.'
Mintzkov Luna     []
'Just another great Belgian band!'
Aeon Spoke     []
'Hypnotic, introspective and vulnerable.'
The Uproar     []
'A four piece rock amd roll band.'
The Mayfairs     []
'New danish AltCountry band with a lot of passion melancoly.'
Jon-Paul Davies     []
'Singer songwriter - arent we all?'
Denise Vasquez     []
Ozark Henry     []
'Sounds more soulful and jazzy.'
Fallon Franklin     []
'A very different sound, such rasp, darkness, and age for such a young girl...'
Blake Powers     []
'Todays Paul Simon or James Taylor.'
Walking Limbs     []
'Refuse irrelevance.'
Blake Powers and Fallon Franklin     []
'On the edge of folk/country and indie rock.'
Chris Kennedy     []
'Plays the guitar and sings, but sadly, not when drunk.'
Jacob Faurholt and Sweetie Pie Wilbur     []
'Music that that goes under terms like americana or alternative country.'
Jane Taylor     []
'A voice that will leave your spine tingling.'
Treehouse 3     []
'Emotional, powerful song-driven music from a great live band.'
Thomas Dybdahl     []
'Soothing, soulful and an extraordinarily great voice.'
Red Perspective     []
'The intensity of a lovers kiss. The rawness of a fresh bruise.'
Ali Whitton     []
'Songs with beautifully fragile & honest lyrics.'
Kershaw & Sayer     []
'Easy listening acoustic music.'
Brown Couch     []
'Brown Couch, a young band out of Washington, D.C.'
Small Blue Planet     []
'Trying to get a record deal.'
Shiseido Red     []
'Shiseido Red are a Brighton based band.'
Oli Deakin     []
'Inger/Guitarist of Samsa with a bag ful of indie blues.'
Matt Johnston     []
'Played with The Stranglers, Martin Stephenson and many other well-known artists.'
Bushwalla and Ill Stars     []
'A gypsy mc, inspiring sax player, a rock drummer, and an eclectic dj.'
Davide Sanna     []
'Innovative approach to playing the guitar and composing.'
Deveat     []
'Dedicated musicians who focus on developing their own sound.'
Jordan Brooke     []
'Beguiling and challenging all at once.'
Glasshouse Journal     []
'Folk to metal to folk with a bit of a metal mindset.'
Pat Orchard     []
'Finely crafted songs.'
Neil Barber     []
'A voice cross between eddie vedder and joey burns.'
Neil Rostance     []
'The same melancholic yet passionate vein as Damien Rice.'
Michael Waters     []
'A natural melody maker with a knack for the hook.'
Mike Vial     []
'The style has been called the James Taylor of 2000.'
The Handles     []
'Described by many as "JJ72 with talent."'
Three Men in Kilts     []
'From the Southside of Chicago...just havin fun.'
Curses     []
'Heavily influenced by Jeff Buckley and Del Amitri.'
Chris Pritchett     []
'Excellent fingerstyle guitar.'
Roger Tarry     []
'A comparatively recent solo entrant into the Bristol music scene.'
Joe Firstman     []
'Ann impassioned and inventive songwriter.'
Twenty Twenty Vision     []
'A beautiful and simple sound.'
The Handles     []
Joe Beleznay     []
'A tantalizing and seductive sound.'
Who Will Miss Mary     []
'Memorable songs with the voice of an angel.'
Moses Band     []
'The brothers voices contrast beautifully.'
The Valentines     []
'From Pop Rock to Acoustic Ballads.'
Richard John Thompson     []
'Listen to the debut album Hidden Daylight.'
Drip Feed     []
'Up and coming band with a lot of talent.'
Lese Majesty     []
'They have the potential, all they need is recognition.'
Heaven Stereo     []
'Experience them, enjoy them.'
Eliot Morris     []
'If John Mayer and Adam Duritz had a kid.'
BedRoomTalent     []
'He is a one-man-show from manchester.'
Greg Sell     []
'Influenced by anyone with a guitar.'
New Design     []
'Quiet/loud angst sound.'
Loop Joy     []
'Glorious soaring melodic tunesmithery.'
Alice Lee     []
'Songs of a sinner with the voice of a saint.'
The Scoops     []
'A garage band from County Wexford.'
Steel Train     []
'A sound all in its own.'
Artisan     []
'Host to a bunch of wistful and inventive songs.'