Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page. Im new to damien rices fan base.. here is my first contribution... it is a piece of english coursework on who i admire. and being a budding singer/songwriter, and a damien rice fan, i thought it only appropriate to add my piece to this site. " If thereís one thing I love, itís somebody who can write amazing lyrics about heartbreak, destruction, gain and loss. And almost anything after that. Letting a song grab you by the heart and shake it around a little bit is a very easy thing to let happen. Not often can there be a song which doesnít get to you in one way or another. Usually lumps form in your throat and tears burn in your eyes, but there are some songs which produce an unstoppable grin, and a hearty laughter. Unfortunately, feel good songs are hard to come by nowadays. So weíll just have to let the pain persist for a while. Iíve discovered that there are many dexterous writers around. I believe that some are only in the business for the money and easy fame. But I also believe that inside, these writers are not really alive. They are fake, lustful people who are not really in touch with their inner self. Damien Rice, however, is altogether a completely different attraction. His lyrics donít only let the pain subside, they compete with your deepest emotions making us really think. His album, ĎOí reflects his Irish upbringing, and the young love and losses which he has experienced. Boisterously voicing his internal monologues and musings he creates spine tingling moments, which are overpowering to those who want to listen, and even those who donít. Heís done Glastonbury, has got an incredible album to his name, plus a fan base only other new coming singer/songwriters dream about AND he has performed a gig in aid of the South East Asia Earthquake Appeal. This guy is everything the public wanted him to be. So this, boys and girls, is why I personally admire the one and only, Damien Rice.