December 17th Not much is new though i wish it was. i am in study hall once again, and my friend is makeing fun of the "tree-hugging hippie. But hes MY tree-hugging hippie!! HAHA, i love Damien, and all of you do too, just some wont admit it. Cheers, have a good day. December 14th Hello again. It is the dreaded Sunday night, with football and going to bed a bit earlieror so we think. But tomorrow is always even more dreaded. Monday. I cringe every time I hear it, dont you? It means Back to work, school, and everybody that you choose not to deal with on the weekends. It pretty much simply sucks. But Damine makes it all better. We all love Damien, dont we, folks? Well, off I go, into the dreaded Sunday night, to watch the nothingness on the tele, and then go to bed, only to wake to the one thought we all have on Monday: "DO IT TO ME NOW, MONDAY!!" Cheers, folks. December 11th Hello hello. I am in study hall again, doing nothing. I love damien, and lately i have been listening to toffee pop by him. I love the part where it goes "ive got so much beauty round me I cant move...." Well i should go now, since if i dont i will probably get into trouble. Cheers kids. I love you all. December 9th Hey yall. Im currently in school, but its okay because it is study hall. Im in the library using the computer, obviously. well, theres nothing for me to say for now except GET ME OUT OF HERE!! Cheers, yall. Have a good rest of the day. December 8th Do it to me now, MONDAY!!! Yes, those are the words of Garfield. Today was back to school, which very much sucks for most. Others had to work, but thakfully i did not. Ill probably think of something more to write later but Cheers for now, folks, and good night. December 7th HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAMIEN!! I LOVE YOU! Today is also my Sister and Brother-in laws Anniversary. Happy whatsit to them too. Hello again. I dont think that you are, but maybe you have been thinking how in the world i got to know Damiens music. Well, i saw the Volcano video on VH1 one morning and absolutely fell in love with the music he gives out. I also fell n live with him, too. haha, just kidding. well, again, if youd like to contact me, e-mails at the bottom. Cheers, yall. December 5th Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page. I am Kayli Yunke of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, and i absolutely love Damien. He is one of the best singer/songwriters out there. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at thank you! March 11, 2004 Hello hello! I am so very sorry i have not been online lately, but i have been quite busy. cant write much, but if anyone can tell me where i can find tickets to the show in Madison, Wiconsin, USA, let me know! thanks a buch, love you all!!