name: Shel
gender: Female
age: 21
location: Illinois

05 September 2004

Ah, Ive been a member for probably almost a year now and I have only just started working on this page.

Well, I have been a Damien Rice fan ever since I saw his video for "Volcano" on VH1, which was a little more than a year ago. A few weeks after that, I bought O and fell in love. The combination of lyrics, orchestration, and tone definitely spoke to me. I get such an intimate feeling.

Ive never seen him live, but I definitely plan on doing that one of these days. Ive seen and heard some of his performances online, and I think hes fantastic. He always sings every song with such emotion as though he were living the lyrics at that exact moment. Damien is a very special guy with tremendous talent, and Im glad to have discovered his music.