Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page. howaya doin my name is sam i`m 27 years old fella from ireland currentely backpacking around auslralia with the sounds of damian rice as company. i first heard hard damian singing cannonball on late nite radio back home two years ago while sitting with my ex girlfriend she didn`t like him at all but her taste is up her ass hence the "ex" part of the sentencence. i went out the following day and bought `o` and i`ve been hooked ever since. i haven`t got to see him live yet hopefully i`ll get to see him when i get back. my favourite song is lonelilly and eskimo which has to be played extremley loud to get the full benifits of this great music. damian rocks lookin forward to a new album. thanks for taking the time to read this mind yourselfs and good luck.