Hi. My name is Dan. Im a massive Damien Rice fan I first heard him on Radio 1 when I was visiting my girlfriend in Nottingham one weekend. I heard one track and instantly knew i was going to love his music. An hour later, i had been into the city, bought the album and was listning to it. What a great album!!!! I have been a massive David Gray fan for a few years and have every album he has produced. Damien Rice reminds me very much of David Gray with his clean, folky, accoustic music. Im off to see Damien at Rock City in Nottingham on Feb 15th. I really cant wait. I hope he will be as good as i am hoping. Thats all really. Just keep making music mate. We need another album yery soon. Ive also heard that Damien has been nominated for best international male in the BRIT awards. I dont know how true it is.