I am Sebastian Welcome to my webpage! I have been listening to Damien Rice for quite some time now and I must say he is AMAZING! I would have to say my favorite songs he sings are The Blowers Daughter and Volcano. Damien is one of my favorite singers his songs are incredible and he just doesnt write good lyrics he is a awsome guitarist too. I did not buy his last album yet (O) but I plane on it soon. And I suggest that if you have not yet also, you should it is one of the best albums ever. Also I have not yet been to one of Damiens concerts but I plane on it soon and if you ever have a chance to see him live you should go ASAP it would be a good expirience. Damien Rice is a artist that everyone can enjoy and it dont matter what music that you listen to I myself listen to heavy metal and many other types of music but the only music I cant stand is Rap and Country. But I dont diss anyone who listens to rap or country I just dont like it myself. But I listen to both Damien Rice and Slayer and I enjoy listening to both of them. Another band I listen to and is one of my favorites is PRIMUS. If you have not heard of them you should check them out they are a awsome band. Like I said though, Damien is a gret artist and if you enjoy listening to him you might want to check out some of these bands listed below, they are all my favorites. Radiohead, Primus, The Chemical Brothers, Jack Johnson, Sigur Ros, and The Flaming Lips If you are taking time to check out my webpage THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY WEBPAGE! And I will be back often to change my webpage. I will talk about things like new cool bands or concert dates or maybe other stuff like movies. Pretty much whatever I feel like talking about but mainly just music because music is my life.