To use this space to write something about myself, or my enjoyment of Mr Rices music will be a fruitless use of my time and efforts so instead Im going to make a sandwich.

click here does nothing
Its like some kind of magic, absolutely, Im in awe of the scrolly thing, theres only one word to describe it wow, fantastic, tremendous. I wish I was a scrolly bit of text, wandering from one place to the next, ahhh to dream..........
If your reading this then, I apologise there isnt much of interest here, in fact if I was you I would have given up reading at the scrolly thing. All I can offer are a few pearls of wisdom, ummmm, study hard, be poilte and watch out for bees.

This counter thing is kind of fun, it probably reads 0, but thats because its broken not because Im unpopular in the land of computers (spain)
Its never enough to pour your soul out(wow 4 words with ou in them) on the pages, the people always want more. They have an insatiable thirst that cannot be quenched, and they wont be satisfied until blood and sweat is fused on the paper they read. Its hell trying to write........