Im kinda new to this whole web page stuff so just bare with me please. All I really know what I feel comfortable talking about on this web page, as my first entry would be how much I really do respect and love Damien Rice. He is possibly the greatest artist in my oppinion. He knows what hes talking about in his lyrics. No one can listen to those lyrics and not feel anything. No one can hear his guitar solos and voice and not feel anything. Each word that comes out of his mouth is so powerful and so intimate; its incredible. Hes a very talented and smart man. The way he uses his talent is even better about him. A lot of artists, or just anyone talented person, sometimes abuse their talent. He uses his talent in such a way I cant even describe it. Im sitting here trying to find words to express the way he makes me feel when I listen to his music, but I truly cant. There is nothing more I need to say. Damien, you are amazing and your music astounds me. I appreciate you.