Hi Im Angeline, 28, from Sligo, Ireland. Just want to tell ye all and Damien how i love his music. I bought his first album a couple of years ago and have been waiting anxiously ever since for the next one. I bought 9 a few days ago and i wasnt disappointed. I had to find some way of telling everyone how lucky i was to discover the most talented man in Ireland. So i joined this fansite. When i was at Witness 2003 in Punchestown, Co. Kildare. I was waiting all weekend to see Coldplay cos i was a big fan. There was some fella called Damien Rice playing before them. I never heard of him before but i was curious cos everone was so excited. I never even heard one of his songs before. I stood and listened to him in amazement. I had never heard anyone like him in my life. I was blown away. I didnt want him to end and had totally lost interest in seeing Coldplay. From all the 20 something bands i seen that weekend Damien Rice was one big surprise and he was out on his own by miles and definately a performance i will never forget. Damien! Please keep doing what you do best! Best of luck with the new album. My favourite DR songs: Rootless Tree, Prague, Woman like a man, Coconut skins, I remember, Elephant.