Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page. A little about me: (I speak Norwegian)I havent found my self yet. Friends are everything, and I hate Donald Duck. hahaxD Im easily convinced, but not in a bad way! I fall easily in ♥loVe♥ and I try my best to be original, because I dont like copies. Im a thinker, not a talker, and the worst thing to do is to have an oral presentation. Im kinda shy, but not with my friends! I want to be good at [surfing]/skateboarding/snowboarding, but Im not, because Im too lazy=/ I really like to listen to music, and Damien Rice is one of my faveorites. Here are some other examples: The Killers, Bloc Party, The Finalist, Death Cab for Cuties, Imogen Heap, Sufjan Stevens, Coldplay, Modest Mouse, Interpool, Gwen Stefani, Nirvana, TATU, Jem, The Dandy Warhols, Rooney, Aqualung, Nickelback, Zero 7, Mew, Big Japan, Sunday Runners, The Thrills, Foutains of Wayne, Rachel Yamagata, The Shins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamison Parker, The Cranberries, Halloween Alaska, Ryan Adams, Phoenix, The Album Leaf, The Walkmen, Kasabian, Phantom Planet, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Panic! At The Disco, Surferosa, Evanescence, Jose Gonzalez, Travis, Seven Wiser, The Prodigy, Underoath, AFI, OK Go!, HIM, Muse, The Bravery