Hiya im james im 17 and love music more than anything i love music by gods like DAMEN RICE of course david gray, elliot smith, Nick drake, Dashboard Confessional, Ben Harper, Coldplay etc etc if u havnt heard about any of the artists listed above i strongly recomend them. At the moment im at college doing a music course after that i want to go to college and after that i havnt got a clue lol well hope u like my little pae thing leave me a not if u like abd i will get back to you thankyou :-) Likes :- Pasta Bake, Music, my girlfriend Abi, Playing guitar, mixing, going to gigs i spend every penny i have on going to gigs sad i know lol, old music by peope like the beatles and bob dylan dislikes:- people who say they hate a particular genre of music but dont give a valid reason as to y they hate it, music that takes no talent to make (e.g.) busted http://www.muse.ie/081200/current_images/07b.jpg