Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page. Mr Rice (or Damo as I like to call him) actually changed my life with his songs. God, I probably sound like a right stalker, but through his music, he has opened my eyes and touched my heart. His amazing talents, haunting songs and definitely not forgetting Lisas astounding voice, have inspired and astonished so many. He even inspired me so much to buy a guitar and teach myself to play it....though, I must admit, Im a poor player! Ive only seen Damien in concert once....thats right...ONCE!!!!! But it was for my 18th birthday at Nottingham Rock City, and definitely an experience i will never forget. I had tears in my eyes throughout the entire performance. It was astounding. Has anyone else had a life changing experience because of DR? If you have, Id love to hear about it!!! Damien fans unite!