Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page. I still remember the first time I heard Damien Rice. I woke up to the sounds of vh1 on my tv. then I heard "Volcano" playing. His sound was so new and fresh that I instantly fell in love with his music. Here in America, the only music we get has been processed by the music industry to sound exactly the same. So when I heard a guitar and a cello playing together, I was instantly hooked. I went out and purchased "O" and it hasnt left my cd player since. My favorite song in now "The Blowers Daughter." I love the way he can convey emotion through a simple song. I noticed that he hardly ever uses drums but when you listen to his music, you can tell when it is picking up intensity. That is a talent only a musical genius could have. From lush string arrangements to excellent vocals; this was the best fifteen dollars I ever spent in my life. I cant wait for the release of his second album in America. The more I think of it, Europe has better music than America. Just think about this- two of my favorite bands are from or around the UK.(Coldplay and Damien Rice)