Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page!! I finally got to see him live in Detroit! I got there early with a friend whom I have recently got addicted to Damien Rice!! I must say the opening act -The Frames were great.. We loved their music.. they got 2 new fans that night! Damien is awesome.. he is very talented.. his music makes you sing and his voice is wonderful. He is even better live than he is on CD. I canít wait for some new tunes from him. Lisa is phenomenal! Why doesnít she have her own CD? I saw her play the guitar and drums during this concert! Her voice is soothing and sweet. She is soo engulfed in the song when she sings.. you canít help but be mesmerized by her presence on stage. Vyvienne (cello) is also an extraordinary musician. Never before have I seen a cello player rock out like she does! When she plays she has this beautiful sound and it blends well with Lisa. But then sheís brakes out with The White Stripes-7 nation army with Lisa on the drums! I was like WOW! Thatís crazy!! Such a diverse group whom all fit together perfectly!! I canít wait to see them again in concert!! Shame I didnít get any autographs :( Perhaps next time..I cant wait for them to make it big here. I dont understand why the US is so behind on music from Europe and other countries!! Its terrible! Im off to check out the frames web page again... they have some good tunes..you have to see it for yourself..!