Welcome to my Damien Rice Web Page. Im a huge Damien Rice fan. I like every song he made and I cant wait for the next album. Ive never seen him perform, but when he comes to Belgium, Ill certainly be there. I can play a few of his songs on my guitar and sometimes I try singing too. But that usually ends in someone begging me to shut up. Everything about Damien is brilliant. His songs, his look, the way he talks (Irish people are so cool), I like the way that he sometimes talks to the audience and tells stories (like the Wee Irish Boy Story. He told it on a gig in paradisio, the Netherlands), ... I could go on but I dont have all day. His songs are so moving, I can really recognise myself in some of his songs. I dont have one favorite song, I love them all. One day I remember is my favorite, the other its Cheers Darlin, and an hour later its The Blowers Daughter again. I performed Amie on this sort of gig at my school. Alone, just me and my guitar. Well, it was pretty good. But Im not that of a singer. I think next year Ill ask someone else to sing for me. Ill write some more when I have more time. Cheers.