Well hello there, i am Abi obviously :P i am 17, hadnt heard of Damien RIce untill my boyfriend made me listen to his cd...yep he forced me :P not really was kinda romantic, and James is not romantic :P Now i am kinda hooked, he was gutted when i got to see them at V2003, but has got two tickets for Manchester which i am not sure if i can go, which means he will rub it in sooooo much if i cant go !! I love loads of types of music; Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, RHCP, Placebo, Foos, Phonics, Ben Haper, Biffy Clyro, Idlewild, Counting Crows, Jeff Buckley, Adema, Talking Back Sunday, Haven, Athlete (both of who i met at V yeye ) umm yeah laods of other music to.... Anyway thats enough blabbering :) Take care all and thanks for reading ...People you love always let you down...music you love will never let you down..... Abi....think outside the box